Rhapsody Barrel Bar and Gypsy Lee, located in the same building, provide a unique shopping and entertainment experience based on an emotional connection with its customers. 

Rhapsody Barrel Bar is a well-equipped music venue that can be used for a variety of different events. The venue features different artists or bands in an intimate setting where the patrons or fans get a glimpse into where the inspiration comes from, who they are, how the songs came to be, the story behind the music so to speak. 
We feature a new artist or band every month. As part of that we promote them in our Gypsy LEE store by selling their music and a tshirt that we design/create based on the vision of the band with a specific message. 

Rhapsody Barrel Bar features speciality coffee, wine and whisky as well as a full lunch and dinner menu. A great place for a business meeting, catching up with old friends or a place to stop in for a bite to eat in a culturally rich environment. The wine and whisky selections pair well with our menu items and are suitable for the most elite enthusiast. 

The space also features;
• Jam studio for local emerging artists that need a place to practice
• Open mic nights
• Private functions
• Charity events
• Inspirational speakers
• Fashion shows