Valentines Day with Alana Leonard, Craig...

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Celebrate love with us this Valentine's... photo

Celebrate love with us this Valentine's Day. Alana Leonard will start the evening at 6:00 captivating your heart with the sweet sounds of her harp. Craig McNair will join her at 7:00 and they'll serenade you and your lover, friend or infatuation with all the love songs that put a smile on your face. But wait, we're still not 8:00 Matt Weidinger and Mike Todd will get the love juices flowing and take us into a romantic filled evening with all your favourite songs.

Chef Blair has prepared a special menu offering for the evening at $35 per person. Including 1 appetizer, a choice of 2 mains and dessert.
(Our regular menu will still be available)

Don't miss Rhapsody's first Valentine's Day with your friends or your lover...creating memories one day at a time. ❤️