What an incrediable day Kitchener!!! We...

Posted about 4 years ago in Recent Updates

What an incrediable day Kitchener!!! We were able to raise just over $1200.00 for the Canadian Red Cross in support of Fort McMurray yesterday!! 35 musicians graced the Rhapsody Stage in support of this fundraiser. What a humbling experience to be a part of such a talented community! The donations for the silent auction were incrediable and looking around the room seeing the support from other restaurants and business owners made me so proud! Thank you all for your kind donations. It's a powerful feeling to be in a room of compassionate people! 

Special Thank you;
Romeo Sex Fighter
Don Sawchuk
Jessie T
Jesse Pitcher
Taylor / Temple / Weidinger Trio ;)
Factory City
Avalon and Dalton
Mandy Karl
Sammy Duke
Chris Chambers
James Downham Band
Curse The Witch
The Gaes
Elliott and the Audio Kings
Rhapsody Barrel Band
The Museum
Lookin For Heroes
The Western Swing Authority
The Duke of Wellington
Collective Arts Brewing
Creekside Winery
Bob Blue (Bryan Peter)
Nail Artistry by Mandy Karl
Legacy Greens
Karolina Dolecka
Gypsy Lee

Further I would like to compliment the whole tribe at Rhapsody Barrel Bar. Many of you put in a 14 hour day for a great cause. Dennis Napper you did an amazing job on sound! We've built quite a home away from home here at Rhapsody Barrel Bar, I consider you all my family!!